Advisory Services

Execution Matters provides founder-level strategy and front-line tactics for startup companies. With deep and broad technical and business skills, we provide one-stop advisory services coverage for a startup’s key business functions.

Advisory Services

Apply Execution Matters' advisory methodology to your specific startup.

  • Custom-tailored startup execution
  • Flexible services that address needs as they occur in real-time
  • Top-tier startup breadth and depth

Advisory Packages

Leverage packaged advisory services to address common startup needs.
  • Semi-custom, deep-dive projects
  • Focused services that meet specific goals with predictable costs
  • High-value, packaged expertise

Two ways to jumpstart your startup
with Execution Matters

Custom-Fit Services

Standardized Packages

1. Discover

Inventory and assess your startup’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Assess startup
  • Align advisor services
  • Structured review of existing state
    • Corporate & contracts
    • Capitalization
    • Intellectual property
  • Infrastructure & Ops
  • Structured review of existing pitch content
    • Idea
    • Team
    • Business Model
    • Funding
    • Timing

2. Plan

Create detailed plans driven by your customized startup strategy.
  • Refine corporate strategy
  • Refine product plan
  • Build detailed budget (revenue & expenses)
  • Build growth plan
  • Build resource plan
  • Refine capitalization & funding plan
  • Refine IP plan
  • Build go-to-market plan
  • Build risk plan
  • Build remediation plan

3. Execute

Implement plans, build foundation, establish traction, and grow.
  • Deliver refined pitch to targeted investors
  • Execute remediation plan
  • Build out operations infrastructure
    • Finance
    • Legal
    • HR
    • IT
  • Manage product development & MVP
  • Engage innovators & early adopters
  • Manage profit & loss
  • Monitor team health
  • Build out team

Watch a brief overview of benefits
from our Advisory Services

Key Benefits

Improved Fundability
Preserves Founder

Broad, Deep Skillset
& Best Practices Increase Speed

Great Execution
Improves Likelihood
of Success