Welcome to a source of execution and lifestyle advice for founders and executives. My name is Sam Wong and I’ve been a CEO, CTO or VP for five different startups. I advise several startups and am open to other advisory board opportunities.

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Beware of the Rat Race

In the early 1990s, a report circulated that listed Beirut, Belfast, and Hong Kong as the three most stressful cities …

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The Seven Sacred Abilities

Technology is complex. In the world of corporate Information Technology (IT), thousands of products compete for mindshare. Many startups with …

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Customer Success – The New Kingmaker

Throughout history, the rule of many monarchs was assured by the work of a key team member. Sir Francis Walsingham …

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Mental Health Matters

In December 2018, Lyft’s co-founder and President John Zimmer broke new ground by speaking publicly about his struggle with depression. …

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Uncommonly Good Product Management

Finding good product management help is hard. Many people have managed products, but few have actually done it well. Poor …

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Not Your Baby

Founders are a rare breed. They are driven by a vision of what can be to take risks. Founders often …

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Game Changers vs. Players

In The Imitation Game, Benedict Cumberbatch plays Alan Turing in his quest to break the Enigma encoding machine used by the …

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Cheap Advice is Cheap

Back in 2001 when I was a first-time CEO, I struggled to grow the company to beyond a certain point. …

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YADM – Yet Another Dilution Model

Any programmer or Linux gear head should recognize the “Yet Another …” family of tools and frameworks. Stephen C. Johnson …

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