Initial Consultation

The initial consultation provides an opportunity for Execution Matters to learn about the startup, the founders, and their goals. At the same time, it provides founders an opportunity to learn about the capabilities, value, approach, and culture of the Execution Matters team. Founders should submit content to help Execution Matters determine if a paid engagement (typically with equity as consideration) would be mutually beneficial and interesting.

How to engage with
Execution Matters

Entrepreneurs considering an advisory engagement with Execution Matters are encouraged to submit the initial consultation request form below. Here is the consultation and engagement process:
1. Initial Outreach
  • Founders communicate interest
  • Confirm Availability
  • Founders provide company info
    • Pitch deck
    • Company summary
    • Founder backgrounds
2. Initial Consultation
  • Introductions
  • Overview of startup
  • Advisory Services
  • Here is help needed?
  • What help can be provided ?
  • Follow Up Items
3. Frame up Relationship
  • Determine alignment
  • Discuss high-level plan
  • Discuss timelines
  • Discuss commercial terms
  • Execute Agreement
4. Engage
  • Discover
  • Plan
  • Execute

Initial Consultation Request