Our Unique Value

Startups need to focus on both strategy and tactics, while also building out their business and technical teams. Most startup advisors cover just a portion of the roles required. Execution Matters can seamlessly traverse high-level multi-year strategies and production of front-line hands-on deliverables on both the business and technical side. This creates unique value that reduces costs, accelerates decision-making, and drives more cohesive execution.
Execution Matters provides unique value to startup founders through a combination of experience, knowledge, engagement and resources
Executive leadership roles at five startups (1x CEO, 1x CTO, 3x VP Engineering/TechOps), one published book, a structured engagement methodology, and a large library of templates and frameworks combine to differentiate Execution Matters from most other startup advisors.

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Execution Matters

Company Leadership

Execution Matters is led by Sam Wong...​
... a serial entrepreneur and startup advisor. Sam served as CEO, CTO or VP Engineering/TechOps for five startups, driving several acquisitions. With over 30 years’ experience and both a technical and a business background, Sam is uniquely suited to advise startups on both high-level strategy and front-line tactics. Execution Matters provides such unique value with its advisory services that entrepreneurs often consider the advisory team to be interim co-founders of the startup.

Book publishing

Sam is also the author of 21 Secrets of Successful Startups...​
…a book about world-class execution for startups. Drawing from years of experience – including both successes and failures – Sam provides guidance, frameworks and tools to help entrepreneurs execute, fundraise, develop talent, and balance the demands of work, family, and personal wellness.